Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Elegant Loveseat/Daybed

Monday I was very blessed to receive this amazing gift... it is hard to put into words what my heart felt when Melanie Kubik showed me into her spare room and said I want this to go to someone beautiful..... yes I cried.. I have always and let me capitalize it ALWAYS wanted sofa just like this....but to be given said item is literally more than I can say in this moment.. but I wanted to share a glimpse of what love looks like! I know I have a charmed life of wonderful people who choose to share life, family friends...but God gave me extra.

I bought a sofa and chaise recently and I have this with my dining table! Fancy huh.. I have to either raise the cushion or add extenders to the legs for just a few more inches..but it is a look I have seen in all my decor mags.. I just so happen to see cloth chairs I wanted to snaz up my crisp black table, so it looks like the look is all coming together!! Maybe you will be on the sofa eating one of my dishes soon!

kisses and lashes

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