Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bread and Ink Cafe 36th and Hawthorne

Bread and Ink Cafe
Is a treasure on 36th and Hawthorne in SE Portland.
If you hadn't tried their waffles... you just don't know!
The "Three B's Waffle" is Amazing!
They boast waffles named
banana, espresso and house made
mascarpone cream and a drizzle of chocolate sauce
and cinnamon sugar..

Or, Farm Fusion:
Mushroom, spinach, roasted pepper, tomato and lemon-thyme
marinated chevre.. just to name a few
They serve a large menu of breakfast and dinner
that is tempting and satisfying.
Oh yeah,, THEY ARE 4$ ea!!!
Yes and 1$ for a cup of Kobos coffee,
5$ gets you an amazing breakfast and the owner
Mary ( in the pic with her son Max)
is the cherry on top!
They have a waffle window that is fun and makes it
easy to grab a simple powdered dusted waffle on the
dang it, now I am hungry...see you at the window

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