Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Knitting : A thinkers craft

Knitting is not for the feeble minded....(red, cause this is a warning!)

I started knitting cause I wanted to relax...................................................
...........are you done laughing yet?
I found that not only did I have to pay attention, but become a critical thinker
(I feel if our local politicians had a knitting aptitude test..well hell you get it).

But I was laid off and my new pastime can be pricy if you want a beautiful project.
so here are three of my savers:
Plastic Zip Bags!
In the pic you see the large bag (26" X 21") holds work in progress and extra
yarn and patterns. You see the pic of the grey and black crochet project..it
was made with a 10" x6mm crochet needle and in the close-up you can see it looks
like a knit stitch on one side and a pearl on the other..that was about 180 stitches.
super Easy....and then there was knitting...Ugh!

The smaller bag is perfect for keeping yarn clean and needles from getting lost
while on the go.

Wine bottle holder..now Needle holder!
I had two of these cause they were RED and girly..
bought them eons ago for cheap as decor and after giving one away (with vino ;)
I had an idea to put my burgeoning needle collection in one place.
I love it! I can put all things related in there.

Safety Pin/bead row markers!
Yes,, I googled and noticed they are not expensive..but I was on row 8:
Lord if you knew how many times I ripped out stitches to get to EIGHT..
lets just say 6 attempts! ( I digress :{ )
and it was 10 at night so I thought how can I mark this MILESTONE and not forget
so this was free and accessible.

please check out Getting Purly With It blog (over to the right under my favorite blogs,clickit)
Nancy Ricci is my Diana Ross of knitting!

so I will knit on sisters and share my first true triumphs !
I am sure this will get me in to Mensa.

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  1. I am your Diana Ross of knitting! I LOVE IT!

    Keep it up with the knitting, Shawn... I am here to cheer you on!