Monday, March 22, 2010

In the pursuit of loosing my butt, to whom I have a love hate relationship with, I have
decided that happiness isn't in the position of my butt, but the disposition of it..

Simply said, if not for my butt how would I
have carried my children on Pre-K field trips
when their feet wore out?

How would my friends know in 8th grade I
had the new pair of Jordache jeans if
I had a flat butt..huh!

And I have been in some pretty swanky places
cause my butt was invited!
I have tried to hide it, tuck it, starve it
everything but carve it.. but it won't let me go.
Maybe we belong together..heck I have gotten
used to carrying around like a backpack.

I noticed all the real people with butts and seemed to be
quite happy. To the extent of enhancing their haunches
so that they can sit in swanky places!

How could I be mad at my derriere
when the great bard Sir Mix of Lot penned
an anthem to which
Butts now and forever more are honored!


  1. Too funny! Love this post, Shawn!

    My but is my "filler". Without it, my jeans don't look good :)

    Btw, your hair looks pretty swanky in your picture. I am thinking 1940"s style...